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We are a family owned bakery, based here in Monterey TN: We started nine years ago, well in over our heads with nothing but a vision of what God had asked.  But with every vision there are obstacles, and yet… in every chapter of life, Jesus is the BREAD that was broken for you in your “not enough”; filling empty hands with more than enough to do what He asked for that day, that season, etc. Years later, we are further in a story that is still much bigger than us – And He is still more than enough! For you too... May you be encouraged in your own story! 


We offer Direct Sell to the public and WholeSale to businesses.    We currently supply over 30 Independent stores, Food chains, and Restaurants across Tennessee.  (Ask for a location near you, or to carry LMB goods in your business)




BENEFITS of our Sourdough:

* Vegan (All our current varieties are vegan except the Jalapeno Cheddar)

* NO SOY!! (Soy is a GMO legume that causes inflammation and allergic reactions)

* NO Yeast Added (We use a well-aged starter with two 8-12 hour risings before baking)

* Lower Glycemic Index (Studies have shown sourdough does not spike blood sugar like yeast breads) Always consult your physician for medical issues.

* Lower Gluten: Sourdough culture begins breaking down the protein, gluten into amino acids and peptides so that the baked product is much more gentle and easily digested (eliminates a lot of bloating and inflammation associated with regular yeast breads) Always consult your physician if you have allergies or intolerances.

* More Vitamins and Minerals made readily available in digestion due to lactic acid produced in sourdough bread

* Easier to Digest: Phytic Acid from the grain that causes bloating and discomfort is greatly lowered by Lactic Acid produced by the sourdough starter






Laurel Mountain Bakery
ADDRESS: 708 South Holly St
Monterey TN 38574


Hendersonville Produce
ADDRESS: 760 E Main St, Hendersonville, TN 37075

1806 General Store
ADDRESS: 114 North Court Square Livingston TN, 38570

Food Lion
TN Locations



Crossville & Algood

Green Door Gourmet
ADDRESS: 7007 River Road Pike
Nashville, TN 37209

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